PHASE 1: 1996-2000

Must-See Net TV

Broadband's growing up fast, but like a teenager, it sometimes behaves in unexpected ways


July 2000
By David Kushner
PHASE 1: 1996-2000: The Content Years
PHASE 2: 2001-2009: B2B Platform Evolution
PHASE 3: 2009 - Present

Broadband’s growing up fast, but like a teenager, it sometimes behaves in unexpected ways – and it still isn’t quite sure what it wants to be when it grows up. But the rapid deployment of cable modems, DSL, and other forms of high-speed connection means that maturity is coming soon for broadband entertainment. Here’s a look at some of the sites offering a version of Net TV, spots vying for your eyeballs today and, more important, tomorrow.

MEDIAONTAP [www.mediaontap.com]

From Vancouver, B.C., this anything-goes site falls somewhere between public-access vaudeville and a cable news channel. It streams audio and video throughout the day, on topics ranging from world events to sales techniques. Strangest Host Award: Frank Ogden, aka Dr. Tomorrow, a sci-fi minion who uploads his Art Bell-style show from his floating houseboat.

ENTERTAINDOM [entertaindom.com]

This giant destination pumps out fat multimedia festivities, including The God & Devil Show, which is a Net-only animation series created in the spirit of South Park, an episodic Kiss rock opera, and vintage Looney Tunes shorts.

LOADTV [loadtv.com]

Lots of video here, and it looks good. Not all of it is original, of course: The site definitely goes for familiarity over discovery. You’ll get documentaries about Arnold Schwarzeneggar, rap videos from Death Row Records, and promotional tie-ins with high-profile films such as Gladiator and Road Trip.

CAMERAPLANET.COM [cameraplanet.com]

A multichannel site that encourages viewers to submit stories. If the site’s producers like yours, they’ll help you make a video to stream from the site. With channels catering to interests from extreme sports (Freefall) to pets (Planet Pets), Camera Planet may appeal to a broad band of viewers.

Source: Yahoo Internet Life Magazine, July 2000