Visaic Inc. - Common Shares For Sale

OUR PRICE:  $ 0.40 per Share.

Visaic is a full-service digital content distribution platform empowering sports leagues and clubs, media companies.  The company’s platform uses artificial intelligence to transcend local boundaries and capture a global audience, amplifying visibility and engagement worldwide, enabling sports clubs and leagues to cultivate a global fanbase.

The company has closed two accelerator/incubator rounds (Sept 2023 and Feb 2024).  According to the San Diego Business Journal, Visaic raised about $1M to fuel its marketing and business development efforts in the fall of 2023.  The article cites revenues as being $2.5M (2023) generated and supported by a staff of 30.

Pitchbook identifies current investors as the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation and CONNECT (Accelerator).

On January 15, 2024 the company announced that it had been awarded with a Prestigious Award by Digital Media World.

In April 2024, the Connect, a premier innovation leader in San Diego, included Visaic in its Cool Companies list.

Share purchases are available in minimum 100,000 share blocks.  This offer is available only to accredited and institutional investors.

Please contact [email protected]

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Visaic Shares Offered at ~60% discount

Tenor acquired shares in Visaic in July 2022. As of June 28, 2024 these shares are being offered to accredited investors and institutions at a heavily discounted rate compared with the most recent rounds.

Approx 1.5M shares are available.

If interested contact: [email protected]